Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

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Indoor Swimming Pool

Our stunning indoor pool at Whalesborough is a perfect place to relax or do lengths, day or night.

The pool is 18m in length x 8m in width providing plenty of space to do what you wish. The W Club pool is level deck, which allows the water to calmly glide over the edges, creating a beautiful still, glassy effect. The pool is heated to 30*c allowing you to stay in the water for as long as possible. The pool itself is one depth of 1.35m. The pool floor is soft bottomed, acting more as a cushion than a floor, which is very therapeutic to the touch.

At one end of the pool is a children's area, perfect for babies getting their first taste of water. At the other end of the pool, is a swim in spa which when turned on delivers a number of volcanoes and jets that gently massage your back and feet.

The pool hall houses a fantastic lighting system that displays the 7 colours of the rainbow over the course of the hour through LED strips on the ceiling beams. The lights along with our music system really sets the scene and helps you to relax and forget all the day-today activities of life.

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