Blog 1, June 2019


At Whalesborough we have decided to start a monthly blog to keep readers up to date with the goings on in Cornwall and here at Whalesborough Cottages! We have decided to do this first entry to the blog on the history of Whalesborough Cottages and how it came to be what it is today, so we hope you enjoy!

A brief history of Whalesborough Cottages

Whalesborough Farm is an historic farm dating back over 800 years. The farm itself is even noted in the Domesday Book when it only had 2 cows and 15 sheep back then!

Forward a few hundred years, Wilfred Proudfoot bought Whalesborough Farm in the 1960s, bringing his family with him from Basingstoke. His sons Chris and Andrew took the dairy farm on before handing this down to their sons, James and Fraser Proudfoot.

Before there were any cottages here, Whalesborough was a dairy farm with over 400 cows to look after as well as arable ground for crops.

In 2004, James and Fraser decided it was time to sell the cows at auction and look for another business avenue to make the most out of Whalesborough Farm. 2 years later, we were converting our old working barns in to our first 7 holiday houses.

In 2009 we officially opened Whalesborough Cottages for business with our new barn conversions.

Since then, we have been developing Whalesborough, first with the addition of the Weir Restaurant, then another 2 phases of new build houses brining the total to 21 holiday houses and lastly building the W Club Leisure and Spa.

We have now been operating at a 5* gold standard for over 10 years, winning many awards and seeing Whalesborough completely change and move forward so everyone can get as much as possible out of staying with us here on the North Cornish coast.

We hope you have enjoyed this first entry to the new blog and have enjoyed looking at the pictures of what was here before and where you could be staying in the future!

The Proudfoot’s