Farmer Dan Heard

Fancy getting your hands dirty whilst on holiday? Join Farmer Dan Heard on his animal feeding sessions here at Whalesborough.  Find out all about Farmer Dan’s modern approach to farming too under his ‘Land Meets Sea’ banner.  His animals are grazed on meadow grass pasture running along the north Cornish coast with animal welfare and farming sustainability at the heart of everything Dan does. 

Land Meets Sea: The Animals

Farmer Dan’s flock and herd come from great stock.  Initially starting out with a flock of 34 Llyens sheep, a hardy coastal-bred ewe that can be traced back to the early 1750s, he’s been selectively breeding from this flock ever since. Farmer Dan added a Dexter beef herd to his animals in 2019.  The Dexter is a breed that originated in Ireland, descending from the black cattle of the early Celts.  Dan’s flock and herd enjoy a free range life on the North Cornish coast. 

Land Meets Sea: The Produce

Land Meets Sea provides numerous different cuts of lamb and beef, while also offering special meat boxes with breakfasts and barbecues in mind. The quality of both the lamb and beef directly correlates to the diverse coastal conservation style meadow pasture they graze upon and their free-range life. In time, Farmer Dan plans to add pork and poultry to his farm, with the same emphasis on quality produce and quality of life for his animals.