Dog Friendly Facilities

We believe that your dog’s stay at Whalesborough should be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, so we offer a wide range of luxury facilities to ensure that your pooch is happy. Explore our private grounds, use the dog shower facilities, let them roam freely in enclosed gardens, and much more!

500 Acres To Explore

At Whalesborough we offer 500 acres of beautiful private countryside for you and your pooch to explore, so you can head on long walks, or let them tear around until they’ve no energy left! 

Pooch WELCOME Packs

Our Luxury Pooch Packs will be waiting for your dog on arrival, and contain all the essentials and treats to ensure that your dog is comfortable from day one. 

Dog Showers

Our Dog Showers have proven a huge success amongst the pooch-loving families who visit Whalesborough. Whether your dog is soaking wet from the sea, or up to their eyes in mud from the countryside, our facilities ensure they come home fresh and clean. 

Five reasons to stay at Whalesborough this September
Enclosed Private Gardens

All but one of our properties at Whalesborough offer private enclosed gardens, meaning that you can leave the dog to relax and play in the outdoors without the worry of them running away, or bumping into other dogs without supervision. 

Large Indoor Crates

If you’re heading out and fancy leaving the dog at home or they’ve simply run out of energy, then each of our properties feature large dog crates for them to relax in peacefully, giving you peace of mind whilst you’re out. 

Soft Furnishings

To make sure that your pooch is as comfortable as you are when staying at Whalesborough, we provide blankets, sofa covers, and throws for all soft furnishings… Because your dog deserves luxury too!