Our Sustainability Credentials

Here at Whalesborough we want to develop a 5 star holiday resort with the environment and wildlife at its heart, that can be sustainable for the future and be self sufficient for its energy needs.

To this end we have installed a 60KW Wind Turbine which will produce more than enough electricity to run our entire site once finished, with any excess sold back into the local grid.

Our Biomass boiler, which heats all the water and central heating for all the cottages runs on wood chip ,which is delivered in bulk and fed into a giant hopper and automatically fed into the boiler. The wood chip comes from local sustainable wood sources and we hope to supplement this with our own wood in the near future.

A large insulated heat main runs around the complex to each cottage meaning only one boiler is necessary and means the days of relying on expensive, harmful oil are gone.

Our new Indoor Pool and Spa is heated via a wood pellet boiler and all the lighting is low energy LED lights.

We also have two sets of PV panels which produce electric to run The Weir and heat the outdoor pool, so come wind or sunshine you can be sure the energy you are using could not be greener!

Water is from a borehole sunk 40 m under the ground and filtered and treated on site. Waste water and sewage is also treated onsite with a state of the art treatment plant. Recycling is encouraged to reduce the amount of rubbish which goes to landfill (with space running out in Cornwall).

Whalesborough has also over the last 10-15 years planted 50 acres of woodland and created a series of walking paths which cross the 500 acres we own. Along with the Bude Canal towpath and Sustrans cycle track, it means you can access the beaches and town without using your car on safe car free routes.

Wild Flowers are planted every year which not only produces a wonderful display of colour but attracts a variety of birds and insects.

Local Bike Hire can be arranged, and we have a mobility off road tramper available to hire from The Weir for the less able, at very reasonable daily rates. 01288362234.

We hope you agree there cannot be a more eco friendly resort in Cornwall than us and hope your holiday is even more enjoyable because of that fact.