Why’s TV celebrity Monty Halls so excited about Whalesborough?

We invited Monty Halls and his family, including Luna the dog, to discover Whalesborough. You can find out what Monty thought of Whalesborough and our commitment to become net zero here.

If the name Monty Halls doesn’t ring an instant bell, his face surely will. Monty is a former Royal Marines Office, turned marine biologist, journalist, and TV celebrity – for all the right reasons.

Monty starred in the incredible BBC2 Great Escapes series, where he turned his back on modern life to become a 21st century beachcomber, living alongside his faithful dog Reuben.

Taking on the isolation of the west coast of Scotland, he spent a year turning a run-down cattle shed into a rudimentary home, with a little help from the locals along the way. Discovering the delights of Scotland’s wild waters, including its sea otters, Monty opened our eyes to a different way of living.

Since then, Monty has cast a light on many fascinating subjects, including that of the Cornish fishing community in his BBC2 series, The Fisherman’s Apprentice.

More recently, Monty filmed the Channel 4 WWII’s Great Escapes series, where he trekked the Freedom Trails of WWII, discovering what it took to escape Nazi Europe, meeting the ordinary men and women who became heroes in the process.

And his family have been in on the act too. His wife Tamsin and daughters appeared in his hit Channel 4 series My Family and the Galapogos.

As always, the environment and the health of our oceans has been central to Monty’s many projects, the latest of which is his Generation Sea Change series.

And that brings us on to why Monty has been talking about Whalesborough.

One of the central pillars of Whalesborough is sustainability. It’s why we’re set to become net-zero by 2025, and entirely self-sufficient for both power and field-to-fork produce within the next ten years.

In keeping with this ethos, we’ve installed Cleaner Seas’ microplastics filters to our commercial and property washing machines. These prevent microfibre pollution from our laundry wastewater entering the environment and our seas.

This piqued Monty’s interest.

So, we invited Monty and his family, including Luna the dog, to discover more. You can find out what Monty thought of Whalesborough and our commitment to become net zero below.

And, if you’re interested in discovering exactly why Cleaner Seas’ filters are so important to the environment, please do watch Monty’s Generation Sea Change episode ‘Spin Cycles & Life Cycles’. It may just change the way you wash your clothes forever.


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